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Lost Angeles follows a young woman's move from New Jersey to Los Angeles. Giovanna struggles to make her way in Hollywood, whilst cementing her name into darker streets of Los Angeles.

Genre-  Dramady

Directed by-  Jeta Amata

Written by-  Caly Gallopo & Claire Fraser

Lost Angeles

The American King

Hamisha, an African American, has been chosen by the oracle as king of the African country of Rowena. Is this a hoax, have the oracles gone mad? Or, is there a link between Hamisha and the people of Rowena.

Genre-  Comedy

Written by-  Jeta Amata

In the year 1804, one man led Haiti to become the first black independent republic of the world. His name, Toussaint L'Overture or the Black Napolean. TOUSSAINT chronicles the epic story of Haiti's independence. 

Genre-  Historical Epic

Written by-  Jeta Amata & Nick Moran